Tecnology is in the DNA of the Argos Group

Technology is in the DNA of the Argos Group

Acting as a key factor to enhance the efficiency of services provided.
  • WMS

    Warehouse Management System

  • ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Workflow management software (Pipefy)

    Standardization of workflows, process automation and information organization for the different team members within the corporation, ensuring a better integration between people and systems.

  • EDI

    Electronic Data Interchange

  • ARGOS Quality APP

    Quality Inspection and task management (Umov.me)

  • SMS

    Supplier´s Management System

  • Cloud based Operations

    Argos systems and operations are backed up by Cloud Computing technologies, which ensure higher levels of service availability and security.

Supplier´s Management System

Supplier´s Management System

Suppliers have the ability to:

  1. 1. Download the weekly forecast
  2. 2. Download Weekly Forecast of Orders;
  3. 3. View and Interact with active Orders;
  4. 4. Upload Supporting Documents (Invoices, Packing List and Delivery Note);
  5. 5. Upload Quality Documentation (PPAP, PDE and Drop CheckList);
  6. 6. Track Down Invoice Payment Status (in soon);
  7. 7. Be notified automatically whenever a new Purchase Order is available;


Focused in inspection, PPAP and audit of products consolidated by ARGOS, the app provides mobility to its users and real time reporting, eliminating the bottlenecks of the process and allowing Argos to both fast response and deliver goods to its customers. All of that is also supported by a highly specialized Quality Team, that keep track of all events in real time, taking actions when necessary.