Global partner services

Established in 1998 in São Paulo by Fabio Ciuchini, Argos Global Partner Services quickly captured the market, providing supply chain management services with customized projects according to the customers’ needs.

With over more than two decades of experience, Argos has become an expert in the trading of a variety of products, developing customized solutions suiting the needs of our customers and seeking opportunities to streamline logistics operations and achieve cost reduction.

Conquering markets and expanding its customer base, Argos has become a global company with offices and warehouses in 4 continents, North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

From 2005 Argos expanded and two additional business units were created:

  • Extreme - specialized in storage and logistics operations
  • C-PRO - focused on resource allocation and consulting for quality and purchasing projects

Nowadays Argos, C-Pro and Extreme are part of a group of companies conglomerated by the Cosmo Group and their services complement each other allowing customers to have complete and integrated solutions.

ARGOS currently offers 4 main products/services:

Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Integration

Argos offers supply chain integration services, in order to reduce the supply base and optimize the logistics flow. Instead of maintaining multiple domestic and international suppliers, the customer will have just one supplier (Argos) and can count with several specialized services offered.

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PO / Delivery Schedules, Delivery management, Commercial and Technical, Support, Supplier Payment, Inland Freight. Services aimed at companies that want to identify global suppliers and have guaranteed on-time delivery and quality assured through a reliable supply chain. Our multi-cultural team operates globally and provides local support to customers and suppliers.

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Trading Services
Consignment Inventory

Argos offers complete solutions for your import or export project - from planning purchases and sales, taxes and international logistics analysis, to executing your customized operation.

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Other Services
Supply Chain Services

Argos works as an extension of the foreign company, providing customized solutions.

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  1. 1998

    Start os Argos Activities Brazil - HQ

  2. 2000

    Start Of Argos USA branch

    ISO 9001 Certification


  3. 2005

    Start Of C-Pro Business Unit


  4. 2007

    Start of Argos France branch

  5. 2009

    Start of Argos Asia branch

    Start of Extreme Business unit

  6. 2013

    Start of Argos Argentina branch

  7. 2017

    Expansion Argos Brazil (New offices in São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul)

    Expansion Argos Europe (New Warehouse)

  8. 2018

    Expansion Argos USA (New warehouse Indianápolis)

    Expansion Argos Europe (New office)

  9. 2020

    New expansion Argos Houston (USA)

    New expansion Argos Porto (Portugal)

Our Team

Argos is proud of its multicultural team. Currently we have more than 170 professionals among the 6 countries where we are present. The different technical formations, profiles and specialties of our team enrich our expertise in Supply Chain Management.

Selo Argos Group 20 anos
Mission, Vision & Values

To be the reliable partner acting as an extended are our clients and to be recognized as an unique company in the market by offering innovative customized solutions.

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Quality Policy

In order to consolidate a long-term business, the following directives were adopted:

To facilitate the products commercialization between customers and suppliers through technical, commercial and logistics support, minimizing the involved risks.

To achieve customer expectations by innovations, solutions and continues improvement of knowledge about market, supply base, as well as, production and quality processes.

To develop the company through internal process improvement, new technologies, qualified people and a pleasant work environment, where the employees feel motivated day by day.

Investing in infrastructure and training, as well as develop processes and procedures to educate and deploy to all employees the impacts of their activities on the environment, safety and occupational health.