Supply Chain Integration

Argos offers supply chain integration services, in order to reduce the supply base and optimize the logistics flow. Instead of maintaining multiple domestic and international suppliers, the customer will have just one supplier (Argos) and can count with several specialized services offered.

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Supply Chain Integration Advantages

  • On time delivery
  • Reduce air freight
  • Consolidation of parts/suppliers
  • DAP incoterms
  • Reduce inventory level
  • Break minimum order quantities
  • Export packaging / Repack
  • Tailored export documents by country
  • Optimize container space
  • Extended payment terms
  • Reduce bank fees by paying only one supplier
  • Reduce landed cost
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Lean supply base
  • Reduce number of purchase orders
  • Reduce suppliers audits and evaluations
  • Supplier Management System
  • Facilitate communication (language and time zone)
  • Diverity certificate (Jan 2019)
  • Quality control in the origin
  • Reduce non conforming parts
  • Ability to solv non conformity issues through NCRs and CPARs (8D)
  • Monitor the suppliers quality and delivery performance (PPM and DPM)
  • Refunds for cost of poor quality & delivery
  • Local quality support for sourcing and rework
  • Argos quality APP

We work to ensure the best results for your company

The Global Quality team monitors all the stages of the processes involving from the planning and execution until the delivery of the services provided.

  • Process Analysis
  • Schedule
  • Check list
  • Kick off
  • Process implementation
  • Work flow
  • Work instruction
  • Kaizen, Kanbam, 6 sigma, 5s program
  • Reports development
Check and Action
  • Reports (SLA, KPI, KPMs)
  • Monitoring visits
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Process improvement
  • Action Plan
Quality Aditional Service
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Documents
    (PPAP level 1 to 5)
  • Supploer´s audit
    (ISO9001, VDA 6.3, IATF)
  • Visual and Dimensional Inspection
  • Cronoanalysis and MTM
  • Analysis of productive capacity
  • QMS Development
  • Costs recovery
  • Inventory (quality, warranty)
  • Non Conformity
We work to ensure the best results for your company