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The main benefits for the supply chain integration are to reduce and optimize the:

Value Added

Beyond the services and benefits mentioned, Argos also offers:


  • Ability to extend payment terms
  • Reduce bank fees by paying only one supplier (Argos)
  • Reduce landed cost
  • Hedging


  • Leaner supply base
  • Reduce number of purchase orders
  • Reduce suppliers ‘audits and evaluations
  • Facilitate communication (language and time zone)


  • Reduce inventory cost with Incoterm DAP & safety stock at Argos
  • Significant air freight reduction
  • Export packaging to optimize space in the containers and prevent damage
  • Consolidate various suppliers in one shipment to meet production line demand
  • Tailored export documentation by country, avoiding extra time and costs to clear customs
  • Follow-up with the freight forwarders and suppliers to ensure on time deliveries
  • Break lots to reduce air freight costs


  • Quality control prior to shipment
  • Ability to solve non-conformity issues through NCRs and CPARs (8D), improving quality level of products
  • Monitor the suppliers’ quality and delivery performance (PPM and DPM)
  • Negotiating refunds for rejected parts
  • Local Quality Support (Brazil, USA, France, China)


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